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Betcha 5$ I can make you smile.

→天使 火花☆
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Unwritten, and still unresolved..

Want to know about her? First off-- She's absolutely impossible.She laughs at nothing, and cries when she's happy. She's the worst person you'll ever meet, and the best friend you'll ever loose. She goes by the name of Angel. Some kids know her by Ai, Or Aiko too. She's been through hell, and keeps on going. She treasures the little things and can see you better than you see yourself. If only she could see herself that way. She doesn't like being told what she can or can't do. She can do whatever she puts her heart to, and if she can't then she already knows she can't. Don't rub it in her face. She turns eighteen July 5th.

look up, rain is falling, looks like love.

Mixed up with the right "wrong" crowd..

Her life's currently mixed up with drugs, sex, abuse and alchohol... Don't lecture her.. She's a big girl, and has to learn to fix her own mistakes. She knows what she's doing..(even if it's wrong) A good friend of hers, treasure, once told her "You'll make yourself who you're suppose to be." And that's exactly what she has to do. She'll find herself one day.. So let her be.. and get to know her before you judge her. She's got a good heart, and always has good intentions. She's going to be the end of you. At least that's what they say.. But she'll be the perfect ending. xx

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More coming soon.
by Brokenlette. xx



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